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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another year of Garfield Debate! Ms. Young and I are excited to see the team continue to grow this year… we have a new debate topic (US-China relations), a brand new batch of novice debaters, and our most competitive tournament schedule yet. In fact, this weekend already marked our first National Circuit […]

Garfield Debate Fundraiser

As part of a new fundraising initiative, the Garfield Debate Team is currently seeking donations on a GoFundMe account that can be found here. We are very grateful for any and all donations, which are critical to the continued success of the team. Here is a message from the debaters about the fundraiser: Our team […]

State Championship Results

Garfield Debate had just an incredible year… We have added eleven new debaters to the team, expanded our travel schedule from six tournaments to eight, started travelling on the National Debate Circuit, and much more. Even more importantly, we have seen our team develop new skills and knowledge, bond together, and have a lot of […]

End of Year Party

Hopefully kids and parents are already aware of this, but we will be having an end-of-year party on Friday, 18 March, to recognize the hard work and success of all of our debaters! Let us know if you need any further details. Otherwise, we hope to see a lot of you there! A special thanks […]