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Interlake Results

This weekend Garfield made the short trip over to Interlake High School to participate in the 2016 Winterlake Invitational. We decided to do things a little differently at this tournament, since it is our last invitational of the year. We mixed partners up, so that all first-year debaters were paired with second-years. We think that […]

Berkeley Results

We all had a great time at Berkeley, as can be seen in the photos above! The debaters experienced a new level of competition, and came away from the tournament with a lot of new ideas and even more passion for the activity. It is exciting to see our team grow from nothing to competing […]

Garfield Heads to Berkeley!

Garfield Heads to Berkeley!

Early tomorrow morning, six brave Garfield debaters will head to our toughest tournament yet… the Cal Invitational at UC Berkeley. There they will enter a pool of over 200 other policy debate teams, many of whom come from very well-established and well-travelled teams. In other words, the competition will be tough! This will be Garfield’s […]