This weekend Garfield made the short trip over to Interlake High School to participate in the 2016 Winterlake Invitational. We decided to do things a little differently at this tournament, since it is our last invitational of the year. We mixed partners up, so that all first-year debaters were paired with second-years. We think that this was very educational for everyone, and helped with team bonding as we look forward to next year. The teams were:

  • Sungchan and Henry
  • Hannah and Luis
  • Stella and Aisley
  • Mari and Griffin
  • Carter and Mabel

Special congratulations go out to Mari and Griffin, who achieved 3rd place at the tournament with a 3-2 record. Mari was first speaker, by a large margin, which was a wonderful way to end her last high school debate tournament before heading off to Reed College!