Interlake Results


This weekend Garfield made the short trip over to Interlake High School to participate in the 2016 Winterlake Invitational. We decided to do things a little differently at this tournament, since it is our last invitational of the year. We mixed partners up, so that all first-year debaters were paired with second-years. We think that this was very educational for everyone, and helped with team bonding as we look forward to next year. The teams were:

  • Sungchan and Henry
  • Hannah and Luis
  • Stella and Aisley
  • Mari and Griffin
  • Carter and Mabel

Special congratulations go out to Mari and Griffin, who achieved 3rd place at the tournament with a 3-2 record. Mari was first speaker, by a large margin, which was a wonderful way to end her last high school debate tournament before heading off to Reed College!


  1. Jimmy Chen Jimmy Chen
    February 21, 2016    

    Thanks Mrs. and Mr. Young for all your terrific work for our debate club. Henry learned a lot and enjoyed it. As parents we appreciate you couple spend so much time, not only practice, but also driving, tournament…you are the best coaches. Thank you.

    • jason jason
      February 22, 2016    

      It is definitely our pleasure, we have been delighted to have Henry on the team! We are so glad that he has enjoyed debate this year!

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