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Garfield Debate had just an incredible year… We have added eleven new debaters to the team, expanded our travel schedule from six tournaments to eight, started travelling on the National Debate Circuit, and much more. Even more importantly, we have seen our team develop new skills and knowledge, bond together, and have a lot of fun along the way. Ms. Young and I thought that this year’s WIAA State Championship was the perfect culmination of all of this growth and success, and we are so very proud of both of the teams that qualified to attend. Stella and Luke ended up with a record of 2-4, and they were the 16th (Stella) and 17th (Luke) best speakers in the state of Washington. Petra and Hannah finished with an incredible record of 4-2, and ranked as the 5th best team in the state. They advanced to the quarterfinals of the tournament, where they were very narrowly defeated by St. George’s (the school that won State last year!). Petra was 19th speaker and Hannah was 24th speaker. It is just incredible that Garfield’s team has managed to reach such heights in only its second year of existence… it really goes to show how much hard work, dedication, and passion all of the debaters have put into the activity!

We also would like to congratulate Jessica Dai, Jasmine Sun, Christina Li, and Cayla Li of Interlake, who closed out the finals round of the tournament. Ingraham, the other Seattle team at State, also had a strong showing. We have been very lucky to start our team in an area which has such a vibrant debate scene, and we very much appreciate the competition and support that we have received from both of our close neighbors.

Thank you to the debaters for a wonderful year, and to the parents for all of your continual support! We look forward to seeing many of you this coming Friday, for the end of year banquet!