As part of a new fundraising initiative, the Garfield Debate Team is currently seeking donations on a GoFundMe account that can be found here. We are very grateful for any and all donations, which are critical to the continued success of the team. Here is a message from the debaters about the fundraiser:

Our team has been very successful in attracting new students.  In just two years, we have grown from eight to eighteen students. But because our team is so new, we do not yet have a solid funding base to support us.  This is a problem because debate is an extremely expensive activity:  Individual students must pay up to $550  to cover costs such as airfare, tournament registration, and hotels, to attend just one tournament.  This is an expense that many of our debaters cannot afford. This year, a quarter of our qualified debaters were not able to attend important tournaments on the national circuit for financial reasons.

We are fundraising to create a financial aid program for our team for the 2016-17 school year, so that everybody has an equal opportunity to participate.  Because Garfield is an inner-city school with a high proportion of low-income students, equity of access is a very important value to us.  Our goal is to ensure that all of our debaters are able to fully participate in this very meaningful activity.




*Disclaimer: All money donated to this campaign will be directed into the bank account of one of the debater’s parents before being donated to the Garfield Debate Team.