Novice Debaters at Kamiak

From Left to Right: Rhys, Sam, Don, Keya, Ula, Sara, Quan, Carl, Isabella (center)

Our novice travelled to their first tournament this weekend, and we could not be more delighted with the results! We strongly believe that a student’s first debate teaches them more than all the preceding practices combined, and this definitely was the case at the 2016 Kamiak Novice Tournament. Our teams learned a ton, and it was great seeing them work hard with their partners to improve, round after round. As if this wasn’t enough, one of our teams tied for first at the tournament – congratulations go to Sam and Rhys for going undefeated throughout their first tournament! In fact, all of the teams came away with great records:

Quan and Keya went 2-1
Sam and Rhys went 3-0
Don, Ula, and Carl went 2-1
Sara and Isabella went 1-2

Congratulations to all of our debaters; they should feel great about how they did. We look forward to seeing a lot more success from them this year!