Petra and Mabel debating against Quan and Don during the Garfield Debate Workshop, with Stella and Hannah judging.

Welcome back to another year of Garfield Debate! This week we got off to a running start with a three-day workshop. Many of our debaters spent time at camps this summer, so much of our time this week was spent sharing what they had learned at those camps. This year our topic is US education policy, which I think will be great for Garfield.

In the afternoons we also held some of our first practice debates of the year. Ms. Young and I came away very impressed with the high quality of debating that everyone is already demonstrating… it is going to be a very exciting year!

Our first tournament of the year, at the Greenhill School in Dallas, TX, is only two weeks from today, and then our first in-state tournament will take place in mid-October. If you’d like to know more about our (proposed) tournament schedule for this year, you can now check that out on the Tournament Schedule page. We’re also excited to start welcoming new novice debaters onto the team, once the school year gets under way. Stay tuned for more Garfield Debate news soon!