On Friday the debate team will head to Dallas, TX to participate in the 2017 Greenhill Fall Classic. This is one of the most competitive tournaments that we attend all year, made all the more difficult because of how early in the season it is. We are only permitted to bring two teams to the tournament, so this year we will be bringing Petra/Hannah and Luke/Carter.

As a coach, I am really excited about Greenhill this year – our debaters have been putting in an incredible amount of work to prep for the tournament, and we’ve already had a bunch of practice debates. Not only will this tournament get us off to a great competitive start to the year, but it is also an important opportunity to collect information on the arguments that will probably be popular across the country this year. On that front, we are excited to bring Stella and Mabel along with us to watch rounds. They’ll both be learning from some of the best teams in the country, doing valuable scouting for us, and helping our two teams compete.

Join me in wishing everyone luck!