We’re really excited to introduce you to our newest set of debaters. Sixteen new students have joined the debate team this year as novice, which more than doubles the size of our team. Already I can tell that we are in for a fun and successful year – the novice have brought a tremendous amount of energy to the team, and seem to be taking very quickly to the activity.

The novice will have their very first practice debate this Thursday, before heading to their first tournament this weekend. We’ll be at the Kamiak Novice Tournament, which is a small beginning-of-year tournament that caters exclusively to new debaters. The tournament is Saturday only, and is 3 rounds. The following Garfield teams will be attending:

  • Chloe P and Sophia
  • Aidan and Jack
  • Nathan and Jonah
  • Quintin and Ben
  • Hattie and partner

A special thanks to Hannah for attending as a judge, and to Luke for coming along to help coach our teams.