Congratulations to all of the novice debaters that competed in their first tournament this past weekend! As I mentioned in my previous post, the teams that attended Kamiak included:

  • Chloe P and Sophia
  • Aidan and Jack
  • Nathan and Jonah
  • Quintin and Ben
  • Hattie and partner

I always tell the novice that they will learn more at this tournament than they have learned over the past month of practices. In order to really understand some of the ideas that we have been going over, the debaters really just need to get into a debate round and feel things out. This year was no different – we felt that the tournament was a huge educational success, and that a lot of things were clarified for all of the novice. The novice also demonstrated huge passion for the activity, which is an excellent sign of things to come! And, to make the tournament even more of a success, Hattie her partner went undefeated at the tournament and received second place overall in policy debate. Congratulations to them!

Thanks again to Hannah and Luke, who were instrumental in making the tournament a success for Garfield. They spent their Saturday coaching the novice and judging rounds, which shows some real leadership.