Garfield Closes Out Finals at Gig Harbor!

Debaters at Gig Harbor

We had a very successful outing at Gig Harbor this weekend! Three of our varsity teams broke to the semi-finals: Don and Rhys, Kaila and Benjamin, and Clarissa and her partner. Kaila and Benjamin were victorious in their semi-final round against Ingraham, meaning that they proceeded to finals along with Don and Rhys! Both teams […]

Second Place at Bear Creek

Bear Creek Results

Our first local tournament at Bear Creek was a great success this year! Don and Rhys went 5-1 in their preliminary rounds and advanced to finals, where they were narrowly defeated by Kamiak. This left them with a second place finish, which was good enough to get them their first bid toward the State Championship […]

Bear Creek Results

Bear Creek Results

Two weeks ago the Garfield Debate team travelled to the 2017 6th Annual Grizzlies Forensics Invitational at the Bear Creek School. This was the first local tournament for our varsity this year, and the first full-length tournament for our novice. Results were as follows: Varsity: Petra/Hannah: 4-2 Stella/Carter: 3-3 Quan/Mabel: 3-3 Don/Rhys: 2-4 Carl/Aisley: 2-4 […]

Kamiak Novice Results

Novice debaters at the Kamiak Novice Tournament

Congratulations to all of the novice debaters that competed in their first tournament this past weekend! As I mentioned in my previous post, the teams that attended Kamiak included: Chloe P and Sophia Aidan and Jack Nathan and Jonah Quintin and Ben Hattie and partner I always tell the novice that they will learn more […]

First Novice Tournament

First Novice Tournament

We’re really excited to introduce you to our newest set of debaters. Sixteen new students have joined the debate team this year as novice, which more than doubles the size of our team. Already I can tell that we are in for a fun and successful year – the novice have brought a tremendous amount […]

Greenhill Results

Congratulations to all of our debaters that went to Greenhill! Luke and Carter went 3-3 and Petra and Hannah went 2-4 at the tournament. While both of their records are improved compared to last year, they still don’t do full justice to the amount of improvement that I saw. Both teams had very close rounds […]

Garfield Heads to Dallas, TX

Hannah and Petra practicing ahead of Greenhill.

On Friday the debate team will head to Dallas, TX to participate in the 2017 Greenhill Fall Classic. This is one of the most competitive tournaments that we attend all year, made all the more difficult because of how early in the season it is. We are only permitted to bring two teams to the […]

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another year of Garfield Debate! This week we got off to a running start with a three-day workshop. Many of our debaters spent time at camps this summer, so much of our time this week was spent sharing what they had learned at those camps. This year our topic is US education […]

Federal Way Results

Federal Way Results

This past weekend Garfield participated in the 2017 Federal Way Invitational. Three teams finished 3-2 (Quan and Griffin; Stella and Petra; Sara and Rhys) and two teams finished 2-3 (Mabel and Aisley; Isabella and Carl). Nice job everyone! And, a special thanks to Griffin for stepping up to debate with Quan, in order to give […]

Incredible Success at Gonzaga

This weekend seven of our debaters braved snow and the treacherous Snoqualmie Pass in order to debate in the Conway Classic at Gonzaga University. This was large national tournament with some tough competition, but our teams did a fantastic job. In particular, Petra managed to go 4-2 in the preliminary rounds and then break to […]